Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sensational Sort!

Sorting boxes are a favorite of mine and my kids.
We had a very well worn yellow plastic box and
shapes  from the 80's that got loved and chewed
on by all the kids and grandkids. I bought this before
I did any Montessori training just knew it had to be a
good thing for the babies to's why:

Posting objects into boxes is a natural inclination for young children. This activity gives the child practice with hand-eye co-ordination as the shape is put through the hole. The shape is then easily retrieved from the front of the box to repeat the activity over and over. These boxes provide an infant with experiences of object permanence.
Imbucare Boxes
These materials provide a young toddler with experiences of fitting objects into holes, exploring the use of the hand and developing eye-hand coordination. Set of   boxes  cylinder, triangle, square, rectangle 
cylinders of two sizes,  a cube, a triangular prism and a rectangular prism.

Montessori Concepts Imbucare Boxes

Early School Materials Infant Box and Balls
                               Cabdev (Canada) Imbucare Boxes set
Other shape sorters:
Brio Shape sorter (shiny!)

Plan Toys Box Sorter

Tag Toys Maple Sorter

Tag Toys Shape sorter with lids and mirror
(a great deal and space saver)

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