Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This post is for Free Downloadable Montessori materials.
 Some of these sites have other materials for sale, but
offer free downloads as well. Others are donated materials
only. Please follow the instructions on the websites.
(This is for your info only as I am not promoting anyone's
materials particularly).
(go to members only not sign in...
scroll down...things highlighted in red are freebees)
(This website is in German, but the most of the materials are universal and no
translation is the blue side bar to explore. The
files will come up in the main page)

Montessori Art

Check out these resources for including art in
your Montessori classroom or home environment!

I'm back online!

Hi All,
 After a semester away studying art, I am back with my
Montessori Blog. I am hoping to recover some of the
content that was formerly on this blog as well.
I'll be posting soon!