Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Home again!

Hi all,
 I am back home from my elementary training in Michigan.
We have a seminar in October as part of the training back
in Michigan. In the meantime...lots of organization at home!
I went through my Montessori Materials yesterday. Now that
I've had this training, I'll reorganize my shelves and albums
a bit. I have a much better idea of how the math materials
are used especially and   I hope to collect or buy a complete
elementary set through this year.  My classmates sent along
their pictures of the training, which I really appreciate, having
not taken many pix with an old (gasp) real 50 mil. film
camera. The job is to download them all to my computer
from those that are sharing with me....big big job.
More later...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Something New: Big Bead Work!

I found these really great 2 cm beads and pointers that I want to
These are for the bead chaining and squaring work.
Pointers for these beads can be found here:
The squaring beads have heavy felts included with holes for the
beads to rest in. I suppose if you are quite handy, you could string your
own beads and make your own felts...