Friday, June 29, 2012

Favorite Freebees

 My all time favorite Freebee sites are:

JMJ Publishing (Hope 4 Me) 
(scroll to the middle of the page
for subjects) There are subscribed materials there too,
however there are alot of nice freebees. I am
a lifetime member of this site.
These materials are in German, but many of them need no translation
as they are universal.  Just go to the left side and start clicking on the
links at the top left, then another menu will open just lower to the left.
Click through and see what interests you. Then scroll down on the
main page and open the pdf files. All of these are freebees!

Have fun,

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Timeline Resources

I found these great timeline materials for history
at Homeschool in the Woods. For a complete list
of included figures click here:
For FREEBEES click here:
My plan is to do the wall charts and the notebooks.
For ordering info click here:

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Young Minds at Play Letters!

Hope you like my new title courtesy of Jeff at
Young Minds at Play. To see these lovely letters
click here:
If you are interested in a set click here and let Jeff know:
(some items he makes to order)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dino Update

I wanted to include it with my Dino post, but
just found the material. Here is a great
dino bones digging sandbox available at
Montessori n Such

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pre Writing Ideas!

Here are some great pre-writing materials and ideas to go along
with the traditional preparation with sandpaper letters. Some of these
can come before the introduction of letters or be used with the letters.
I actually use the sand tray idea with my sandpaper letters as well
as having children "put it in their minds" and trace the letter in the air.
Here are some links and pix:
(scroll down to find the free Montessori Script!)
(see pix and info below)

Lori and Montessori for Everyone has a nice post about the Montessori rationale
for the sandpaper letters and the importance Montessori placed on having the
children touch the letters.
Marble Run in Sand Tray
(The shape is outlined before adding the marble which the
child pushes through the track)

Various Tracing and Tracking Boards

Maze Activity with Straws and Marbles
(See Link above)

More Tracking Boards

Sand Box with Controls

Sand Table

Tape Maze

Alphabet Tracking Boards
from Lakeshore Learning

The Ultimate Carved Sandpaper Letters from
Young Minds at Play (I have my order in...)

(A discussion of Cursive vs. Print being taught first is outlined here:)

Traditional Sandpaper Letters Pink and Blue
These are also available in Red and Blue
Lord Company Sand Tray with Cover-Beautiful!
Tracing Letters with Stylus
from JMP Materials

Lord Co. Chalk Board to use with Sandpaper Letters
(From Lord Co. or Montessori Services)