Saturday, June 26, 2010

Green Leaves

Hi all,
 I am almost done putting together my elementary control
booklets for botany! What a big job for over two hundred cards in
the series. I purchased the sets from Montessori R&D several
years ago all as loose cards to bind myself. I am making covers and piercing the books with little studs and rings. Every page
is laminated and the covers are laminated. Tomorrow I'll be
pounding studs all afternoon...I am determined to get this set
usable with the controls! (You can buy this set all bound and
ready to go, but I was being frugal and ambitious...)

Here are some additional
freebee leaf resources for download:


  1. Your botany booklets look great. Thanks for all of the resources, I have a award for you. Please visit my blog

  2. Thanks for your support...