Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quote for the Day

I've been reading Montessori's book for the Elementary level
and finding it surprisingly detailed as to the application of her method.
However, at the end of the 200 pages of her language discussion
I found this amazing quote:

Our teachers, rather, should be cultivators of the fine arts.
For in our method art is considered
a means to life. It is beauty in all its forms which
helps the inner man to grow.
We have repeatedly emphasized
that both in the environment at school and in
the materials used, everything should be carefully considered
in its artistic bearings, to provide ample room for
development for all the phenomena of attention and persistence
in work which are the secret keys of self-education.
The Montessori teacher should be a cultivator of music,
drawing and elocution, responsive to the harmony of
things ; she must, that is, have sufficient good taste to be able
to lay out the school plant and keep it in condition;
and sufficient delicacy of manner - - the product of a sensitive nature - -
to be alive to all the manifestations of the child  spirit.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gnomies Bendable Wooden Figures

I have a wooden tree house set and found the cutest
dolls to go with it from :
So cute!

To see my tree house that I use as an alternative environment  to the
Grammar Farm
click here:
and here:

I have looked for more realistic figures than winged fairies
to use with this set...looks like I've found them!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Anatomy Materials Update

Hi again,
 I have to include these great cards shared in
the comments on the last post. They are
a free download which you can find here:

Also, a new frame for the bones of the hand puzzle is
being created by Jeff at Young Minds at Play, so the complete
set will have a control charts as well as a frame for storage of
all the parts. The frame can act as a control as well.
You can access the puzzle here:
and the control charts here:
Request info about the frame here:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Montessori and Human Anatomy

Although the official study of anatomy is left to the
upper elementary level in a Montessori classroom,
there are many materials available to use at any level
if you desire. I like the puzzles available at
Montessori Early School Materials here:

Montessori n Such has some good anatomy/human body
resources here:

Lovely  anatomy card materials are available here
for download:

A beautiful wooden Bones of the Hand puzzle is available from
Young Minds at Play here: