Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gnomies Bendable Wooden Figures

I have a wooden tree house set and found the cutest
dolls to go with it from :
So cute!

To see my tree house that I use as an alternative environment  to the
Grammar Farm
click here:
and here:

I have looked for more realistic figures than winged fairies
to use with this set...looks like I've found them!


  1. What a great idea! I've been looking into getting my daughter a tree house, but have never thought about using it in lieu of a farm! Which of the tree houses do you have? Or do you have both? I've been investigating, but thinking of using it as a grammar farm will definitely change some of my criteria. I ordered those gnomies! They are adorable and I love the way they employ the women from Ecuador. I've also been trying to find some nice bendy people to go with our seasonal display and not found any that I liked. I actually made some fairies recently, then realized that I already had four bendy people from our M & D doorbell house! Oh well, I only made one and it was kind of fun!

    1. PS I looked at your bendable people from
      the doorbell house and they will work fine
      with the tree house as well.

  2. I actually have both theses sets. I started with
    the big tree house when I got a great deal on
    it at Red Balloon toy store. Then I started ordering
    all the sets from Enchantmints until I collected the
    whole set. You can make a little outdoor environment
    with the animals and garden from Plan Toys...try
    Amazon. I try to use more realistic figures than the
    ones from Enchantmint. Everything is sold separately so
    that worked out for me. Next is the job of naming your
    figures and pieces (nouns) and then coming up with
    labels and command cards for the set with verbs, and modifiers viz. adjectives and adverbs. You can use
    cut up colored note cards and hand write them or
    use a computer.
    Have fun!