Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's my birthday!

Anson and Julia called from China and ate
a bit o' birthday cake with me!
Ah...I feel loved!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Super Summer Flowers

Here are some great pix for making your own matching flower cards
or three part cards:

Some flower themed crafts from enchanted learning can be found here:

Parts of the Flower Puzzle:

Parts of the Flower Model:  
(Scroll down the page)
 A great site  with pictures and information for
North American Wildflowers can be found here:

Flower Seeds!
 Pressing Flowers:
Flowers (and leaves)already Pressed:
(these make beautiful matching or three part cards...
just glue to card stock and laminate!)
Flower Press Kit

Product Description

This Flower Fairies kit offers children and adults a new way to discover and preserve the science and beauty of nature. The kit includes a sturdy wood and metal flower press and a 32-page instruction book. The press is easy for children to assemble and to use; the two halves screw safely together to create steady pressure on treasured flowers. The full-color book explains how to identify and collect flowers, where to find them growing, and how to use the press. The flowers are arranged according to where they grow and there is a flower "factfile" for each featured species. There are also 4 pages of photographs of beautiful crafts to make with the Press Kit. Both kit and booklet are attractively decorated with by Cicely Mary Barker's lovely Flower Fairies illustrations. A terrific gift for a lover of flowers or a lover of science, the Flower Press Kit is also a great way to make and keep memories.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sunny Sunshine!

Wow, is it HOT!  So in honor of all the sunshine, 
here are some Sun themed ideas:
 From Waseca
The Birthday Sun...
The Celebration Sun is used to celebrate children’s birthdays by having them hold a globe and walk around the sun once for each year they have been on the earth. As they do so, an adult narrates a story of their development and key points of their life. It is wooden with two layers and 12 points on the bottom layer. It includes 12 wooden labels for the months of the year, numbered 1-12 on the back for control of error. Size: 12’ diameter.
Item code: 900CS

The "sun" at Enchanted Learning ...blacklines and label me pages...

Sun three part cards:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fishy Frenzie!

Having just returned from Washington and all it's
beauty I feel inspired to do a FISHy post...
(Gotta see the Seattle Aquarium...loved the Otters!)

Fold some Fish:

Parts of the Fish Cards:

Parts of the Fish Puzzle (w/ matching cards):
Lots o' Fish Resources at Enchanted Learning:
(a real gold mine...most printouts free)

Fish Puzzle lesson:

Fishy Erasers: (Be Careful of Small Parts...);jsessionid=70B1AD67F62F518A1CC22968441A50DE.qscstrfrnt06

Fish Bowl Words: (For Language Activities)

**Fishbowl Words     
      Pink Fishbowl Word Cards, Word Lists, Definitions       Blue Fishbowl Word Cards, Word Lists, Definitions 
      Green Fishbowl Word Cards, Word Lists, Definitions

And last but not least I just found another Montessori blog with lots of great fish 
activities: (thanks 2 Little Rascals)