Saturday, May 26, 2012

E is for Elephant!

Elephant Drum

Elephant Mom and Baby Puzzle

Elephant Alphabet Puzzle
My favorite toy growing up was my "Elly".  She was made of grey wash cloths...
I loved her ears right off, but she still has her red felt nose after all these years.
Yes, I still have my elephant after fifty plus years! She was a great comfort to
me. Here are some Montessori elephant, jungle and Africa themed materials.

Elephant Action Cards

<> <> <>
Elephant Nomenclature

<>  <> 
Animals of Africa Cards

Parts of an Elephant
Elephant Push Toy Tag Toys
Cards from ABC Teach
Schliech  Animal Figures
(scroll down to the Zoology Section)
(this is the "Elephant" pdf sample file)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Grow a Bean!

Here is an activity we all remember from our Grammar School days...
growing a bean plant. It is actually a great hands on activity to tie
into the study of botany, classification, and language.
Here are some resources:

Bean Nomenclature with Description
from Montessori Print Shop

Bean/Seed Nomenclature from
Montessori for Everyone

Exploring Seeds Book
available from Montessori Services or Amazon

Growth of a Bean/Seed
from Montessori N Such

A Diagram

Bean Plant Puzzles with Control Sheets
From Early Learning through Montessori Services

Ripe Beans on the Plant

Life Cycle Materials NEW from Waseca
There is a set for the Bean Plant!

Homeschool World: Practical Homeschooling Articles: Building a Montessori Homeschooling Co-op

Homeschool World: Practical Homeschooling Articles: Building a Montessori Homeschooling Co-op

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Update on Human Anatomy Resources

Montessori Research and Development (R&D) has these new
beautiful cards in both Primary and Elementary levels. My only
suggestion is to find a nice take apart model to go with each.

Large Heart Model from Amazon

A Storage Tray is Offered (Primary Level only)

Real Children's Cooking Tools for Practical Life

I was excited to find these lovely real child friendly
cooking utensils and tools for children. Everything is
made with children's safety in mind. These are real
child-sized materials (not toys) for cooking with cute
designs and appeal. Most are made out of nylon or
silicone (arguably "natural" materials). Good for
elementary or primary levels with supervision.
27 piece set

Cookie set

Kitchen tools set

Mixing Bowl w Lid

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

 Her children rise up and call her blessed...

Latches and Locks

DIY Locks Board
Melissa and Doug Latch Board

Tag Toys Big Lock Box

Tag Toys Little Lock Box

JMP Montessori Latch Panels with Cabinet

Latch Panels Detail

DIY Latch Panel

Tag Toys Free Standing Latch (and Gadgets) Board

Tag Toys Latch Van