Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sensible Storage for Space

Plastic Tool Drawers
( with Free Labels for Pink, Blue and Green Reading Schemes)

Cubby with Containers Small, Medium, Large

Botany Cabinet with Puzzles
(Everything in one Cabinet!)
Hi All,
 I've wanted to do a post regarding storage and space savers for
some time, so today I shall tackle the subject. Some suppliers
are becoming aware of the limited space of some Montessori
environments and addressing the issue. In order to leave open
space in the middle of the Montessori room  I am always on the lookout
for great and innovative space saving solutions!
(I'll be adding to this post...so I guess we could call it
officially UNDER CONSTRUCTION for a few days at least...)
For Practical Life storage I found a great post on this blog:

Curved/Circular Montessori Shelves

Assorted Presentation and Storage Baskets

Washing Stand

Pink Language Materials Box
(Also available in Blue and Green)

Cubby on Wheels

Stand for Red Rods or Red and Blue Rods
(Love this...gets the rods vertically placed)

Canvas Number Pocket Chart
(Use with your wood or paper number cards)

Cart for the Golden Bead Materials

Stand for Cylinder Blocks

Folding Shelves

Trays for Bead Chains

Free Standing Language Shelf

Long Division Cabinet

Large Moveable Alphabet Stacking trays

Paper Map and Chart Storage

Sandpaper Rough and Smooth Boards in a Stand
(Love the rounded shape of this set!)

Language Card Storage
(Also could work for other color coded materials)
Table or Shelf Top Land Forms Cabinet
(You can pour water into the forms!)

Display for the Sandpaper Landforms
(Good for Sandpaper Letters or Numbers Too)

Stackable Wood Boxes (Pink Reading)
(These come in other colors)
Double Stand for Insets for Design
Double Stand for Fraction Circles

Language Objects and Cards (Green Level)


  1. Great post! I would love to have the majority of the items you posted! Kerri

  2. Great post! I love the pink wooden boxes. I love it all! I was reading through some of my old posts and found your comment. I am going to add you to my blogs to read. Don't know why I did not have you! I also found some new blogs to read on your favorites!

  3. Yes, aren't there some nifty things here...
    my personal favorites are the curved
    shelves and the division cabinet.
    I suppose I should put up some links
    the suppliers on these...next thing to
    do on my list! Hubby dear is coming home
    today from China, so it will wait for
    a couple more days...
    PS Thanks for adding me to your bloggie!

  4. Do you have a source for the Language Card Storage boxes? They look great!

  5. Do you have the supplier name/link for the Paper Map and Chart Storage piece.

  6. Where can I get the double stand for the fraction circles and the long division cabinet. I cannot find these. Thanks!

  7. The double stands were available from Montessori N Such or
    from Hello Wood. If you don't see it on their website, try emailing them.
    The long division set was from Prufl out of Austria/Germany.

  8. Hi,
    Paper map storage and poster storage is available from Hello Wood...
    hope that helps.