Thursday, February 4, 2010

Montessori Chinese!

This laser cut Montessori Map of China is availabe
from Montessori Materials of Boston:

Today's excitment will be to share all things
Chinese and Montessori! I have been looking
for things that tie in with the Montessori cirriculum
which are about China or teach Chinese language
or culture ala Montessori.
Ok here goes:
This site has many downloadable materials
teaching to write chinese. Her traditional
Montessori areas are interesting as well...
Have fun exploring here. (Please scroll down the
page once you go to the site.)

Another place to look for
Chinese Montessori materials is:
She has block and tiles, an album, and downloadable Chinese/English pdf files for 3 part cards.

United Montessori also has some Chinese
culture cards available.  I am linked to her
blog on the side bar, but here is a direct
link to the cards:


  1. What a great list! I saw those blocks on Etsy (I think) and wanted to get them since our son is learning Chinese (through Muzzy). Sadly, the blocks are just a tad too pricey for us. :(

  2. Check out link above...
    she has alot of do it yourself ideas.
    If you wrote to her, she might send you
    the stroke sheets to make your own cards
    or tiles. I think she is that rare
    homeschooling Montessori chinese mom
    combination! My husband is chinese,
    so that explains our interest in all
    things chinese. My daughter is sitting
    on my lap in the Suzuki post...
    My grandson appears with me in the
    title bar! Love those mixed race kids!!

  3. PS I am still struggling with the formatting
    of the comments...does it look funny to you?

  4. Great, thanks for the idea! The comments look perfectly fine to me. :)


    PS: Your daughter is a cutie!

  5. Great! We want to do a China Unit next weeks.

  6. Thanks for your encouragment.

  7. how are you guys teaching Chinese? I'm starting to right now but I'm not sure how to do it. What the progression is, even though I've made some materials.

  8. Teaching the strokes and then the pictographs
    and connecting these to individual words is
    the most logical way. Notice the sandpaper strokes
    above. Moveable alphabets using characters or
    matching cards to objects and words for
    word building would be next. Try some of these
    resources above.

  9. Thank you!!! I am not Chinese, either, BUT I am a Chinese teacher and married to a Chinese man, homeschooling Montessori-style with Chinese AND I'll be starting a private school which will feature Chinese Montessori-type learning in the preschool years. I have been searching for this! You are a gem. Thank you so much!!! ^_^ - Jasmine in NYC