Saturday, February 6, 2010


On my old blog I had a list of freebees for
download...wasn't able to recover it so
here it is again! Many of these sites are
commercial, but offer free downloads as
part of their materials. I've collected many
cards as pdf files over time. Much of the
Montessori apparatus is in available in
a printable file form as well...
like the math boards, movable alphabets
etc. I really like the things through an
Austrian supplier which I will post here.
  They are so beautifully printed
and thought out. Have fun downloading!


  1. thanks for great links :-)

    you can check out some freebies on my scribd profile too

  2. Thanks Leptir (Natasa)!
    Any chance of getting these in
    English? Your activites are
    really great on your blog
    btw...nice pictures. Do you mind
    me sharing them here if I link
    back to you?