Monday, February 8, 2010

Fruit and Veggie Cards in Italian!

Here are some nice sequencing cards
for the growth of fruit and veggies in
She has a translator on her site to English, but
you need to arrow back to the original language to download
the pdf cards properly. I think the pictures and idea are really 
nice! The blog looks really great, btw...clean graphics...
the Italians do such a nice job of supporting the
Mammas in their culture.  Oh ya...
Montessori WAS ITALIAN~~


  1. Oh, Kathy, what a surprise! Thank you so much... You know, your post gave me an idea: I will provide the pdf files in English as well, maybe in German too. I get down to work now ;-) Thanks for the inspiration, I really like your blog and all the interesting news!

  2. That would be very nice to have them
    in English! Your European followers would
    probably love to see the cards in German
    (or maybe French and Spanish!)
    I think they are a great idea...the timeline
    of fruit and veggies. They'd make good three
    part science cards or nomenclature matching
    cards as well! All you'd need is instructions
    for printing them for other uses.
    Good luck!