Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Solids on Steroids!

Wow! I came across the most amazing set of geometric
solids from a man who hand carves them in Japan.
He does actually sell these to schools in Japan. I am
saving up for a set...
Montessori World has a presentation on geo solids

Paper models of solids would be fun to make either from
cut outs or oragami.  Check these resources out from Dover Book:

A Freebee site with printable geo solids is:
My son printed these on colored paper and made
quite a few models. We store them in a big clear plastic box.

Polydron is the plastic polyhedra model set that we used in my
Montessori training.  The sets can be found here:

George Hart's art using geo forms is amazing:
This would make a great tie in to how forms can be used to
produce beautiful art.  Have fun enjoying these sculptures!


  1. Do you have a link for where to buy the wooden ones? I have been looking for platonic solids for ages.

  2. Yes, but he is charging $1000.00 US dollars
    for the set, which is affordable for a school
    but pretty high for a home use.
    If you are still interested, please e-mail