Thursday, May 20, 2010

Montessori Print, Cut and Paste Equipment

These would be a good start to a beginning Montessori,
for the home or to follow up after using the Montessori
hard versions.

You could print these files on colored paper and
spray with an acrylic finish to
make them last longer. Or you
can laminate the paper on one
side first and then fold them and


Paper Geo Solids
(for every solid you can think of plus
some you haven't though of...)

Blue Geo Solids
Click on the left side bar menu
on "Mathematik" and then
"geom keorper" click on
"netze und flächen zum ausdrucken"
pdf file.
Pink Tower, Brown Stairs
click on the left side bar menu
on "Mathematik" and then
"r. turm - br. treppe" for the
pink tower and brown stairs
(these are the real deal
to fold and cut in the actual correct dimensions)

Red and green Fraction Insets (usually metal or wood)
"kreise-dreiecke-quadrate" for the Red fraction circles
"quadrate und dreiecke" for the Red fraction squares

Multiplication Board

Arrows for Bead Chains
(I printed all these up for use with my own bead cabinet and put
them in clear little boxes from the craft store...)

Geometry Cabinet
...and the cards to go with the insets:

Geometry Boxes (Constructive Triangles)
(I used the first pages to make control/command cards
for these triangles)
and the boxes to put them in:
Blue Triangles

Language Insets (b&w)
(Just cut these out of blue and pink construction paper
and laminate~ or use light weight foam sheets.)

Detective Adjective Game
and controls:


Sandpaper Numerals

A Great Illustration of knobbed cylinders: (while not a
fold and cut, this would make a nice control card if printed)

Knobless cylinder control cards

BC AD Timeline

The following are from the Canon
paper craft site. Click the site map
for a full listing. There is so much there!

Animals and Insects



(This link is not working so just go to
the main page here: and then to the left side bar and click


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jewish and Montessori?

Some Jewish Montessori schools which I think
would be good models for integrating
specific religious and cultural cirriculum
can be found here:

Here is a blurb from the school website:
Are you curious about how we integrate Montessori and Judaic Studies?
In our unique integrated program, a certified Montessori teacher and a qualified Judaic Studies teacher work together in each classroom, all day every day. The Montessori teachers at MJDS have all undergone extensive training in the methods of Montessori education. The Judaic Studies teachers are all fluent Hebrew speakers, who have experience teaching in Israel, and who speak to the children in Hebrew at all times throughout the day. This gives the children the experience of hearing and using Hebrew conversationally and in a practical way on a daily basis, and gives them a more intimate understanding of the language.
The Judaic Studies and Montessori teachers work together to create new materials based on Montessori and Jewish principles. They also work towards full integration and use of the Montessori materials in Hebrew.

All our teachers pursue further professional development in the form of workshops, courses and visits to other schools.
This AMI/Jewish conference looked interesting:
A great article on Jewish Montessori schools
is here:

Have fun reading!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Hallelujah Hebrew Montessori Materials

Puzzles from Hellowood Company
*Update: Constructive Playthings has some things as well!*
My son in law is of Jewish descent (Hungarian and Romanian)
which makes the most beautiful mixed Chinese and Jewish
grandkids on the planet...ok I am a little biased there, I admit.
Here is my list of Jewish/Hebrew/Israeli Montessori materials.
Speaking of Chinese and Jewish, I found a company that
provides Jewish Montessori materials in Beijing China!

For their catalogue click here:
For a great Montessori blog in Hebrew(use the translator) click here:
Montessori Print Shop has Hebrew Montessori materials
Montessori Mom "Links of the Day" has ideas
for celebrating Purim here:
This Montessori based software looks promising:
Absorbent Minds Montessori supplier out of the UK
sells these Hebrew moveable alphabets:
(I've also seen these listed at Alisons out of NY)

Discount School Supply has a few items
of "Judaica":

For all things Judaica for's a store
by that name:
For the Alef Bet in sacks:

Enchanted Learnings website has many blackline materials which
in Hebrew (English transliteration):

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Some Sensational Supplementary Materials

My hunt this week was for Montessori-esque materials
from mainstream suppliers. I was pleasantly surprised
to find so many things that would work for a Montessori
classroom or home.  I checked out Discount Educational
Supply first, so here is the list of what I think are great