Monday, May 17, 2010

Hallelujah Hebrew Montessori Materials

Puzzles from Hellowood Company
*Update: Constructive Playthings has some things as well!*
My son in law is of Jewish descent (Hungarian and Romanian)
which makes the most beautiful mixed Chinese and Jewish
grandkids on the planet...ok I am a little biased there, I admit.
Here is my list of Jewish/Hebrew/Israeli Montessori materials.
Speaking of Chinese and Jewish, I found a company that
provides Jewish Montessori materials in Beijing China!

For their catalogue click here:
For a great Montessori blog in Hebrew(use the translator) click here:
Montessori Print Shop has Hebrew Montessori materials
Montessori Mom "Links of the Day" has ideas
for celebrating Purim here:
This Montessori based software looks promising:
Absorbent Minds Montessori supplier out of the UK
sells these Hebrew moveable alphabets:
(I've also seen these listed at Alisons out of NY)

Discount School Supply has a few items
of "Judaica":

For all things Judaica for's a store
by that name:
For the Alef Bet in sacks:

Enchanted Learnings website has many blackline materials which
in Hebrew (English transliteration):


  1. Thank you for this comprehensive list! Although I am not Jewish I am living in Israel so I am interested to find Montessori materials in Hebrew, because it is difficult to find them in Israel. Mind you, it is difficult to find Montessori materials in Israel full stop. So a lot of times I have to improvise.
    I am going to check your links, so thank you again.

  2. Great list of resources! I guess you've covered everything available...:) Thank you for featuring our blog...

  3. You are both welcome. I know there
    are many Jewish Montessori Day schools...
    maybe that should be my next post!
    They would be a good resource for
    ideas and materials as well, I would

  4. For more information about Jewish Montessori schools, materials, networking, etc., please see, a new organization founded this year to support existing schools, incubate new schools, and facilitate ongoing conversation among all Jewish Montessorians. We're also on FB!
    Ami P-L

  5. Thank you for the list of jewish materials! We are a blended family and I would like to teach our children the Jewish holidays as well as Hebrew (Montessori style).

    Michelle Lane-Barmapov

  6. You are most welcome. I will update this
    post with some more resources. My grandkids
    have a father (my SIL) with Jewish heritage, so I am keen on the lookout for materials!