Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Red and Blue Rods Revisited!

Presentation: Matching the Red Rods with the Red and Blue Rods


1.Set of red rods

2.Set of red and blue rods


Mastery of gradation of red rods.

 Control of error:

Visual and tactile: lengths of pairs of rods must mach.

Transition from sensory area into Math.
 Point of interest:

Making the match.
 1.Invite the child to look at the environment and say " Do you see any materials that look like the red rods?"

2.Define what we are going to do, such as "we are going to match the rods."

3.Teacher chooses a red rod and separates it from the group and lets the child feel how long the rod is.

4.Let the child go to the Red and Blue Rods and find one rod as long as the one the teacher just showed.

5.The child carries the rod back and checks by himself.

6.Let the child move the matching pair to another empty rug.

7.Continue doing the same activity until all rods are matching.


1.Put set away.

2.Grade Red and Blue Rods.

3.Grade pairs.


Binda Goldsbrough (1995) The Aperfield Montessori Course

Link Farm
(and if you leave these as separate units, they can be matched up to
the longer many units equals the number 8 rod for example)
Red and Blue Rod segments
Each Segment is  2.5x2.5x10cm

Walking the Rod Maze

Red and Blue Table Rods

Vertical Rod Storage

Red and Blue Small Rods with Number Tiles

Red and Natural Wood Table Rods

Electronic Rod Apps

Red and Blue "Rods" made with snapable plastic blocks

Matching the Numerals to the Rods

Arranging the Rods in a Box two ways

Jenny's nice illustration from her Album

Homemade Red and Natural Rods (Link in the Farm)

More Numeral Matching to radomly placed rods

Addition with the rods (Link in the Farm)

The Perfect Rod Excercise all neat on the rug

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  1. Thank you for posting this! Was trying to figure out how to make our number rods and red rods. We have an old Jenga game I think we'll use and keep the pieces separate! Thanks for the idea!