Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sensory Table Ideas (or bins)

Since I mentioned a Sensory Table in the last post,
I thought I'd share some ideas.  First of all, there
are tables that can contain either liquid or dry materials
that are available from school supply vendors. OR, if
you are handy/crafty, you could figure out how to
make or repurpose a child sized table with a tray that fits down in the middle...
OK, there's a challenge for Dad. Bins on a table may work as well if the
table were low enough and the bin stable enough.
I suggest cutting down the legs on a table or purchasing a low toddler table.
Here are some great Montessori like ideas for
activities for your table:
Here are suppliers for child size sensory tables:
I personally like this one by Jonti Craft.
A low toddler table can be found here:
Also from Lord tables that can hold liquid:

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