Friday, March 25, 2011

Here's My List of Favorite Activities

1. Pony Beads on Pipe cleaners
2. Discovery/Sensory Tubs (or Sensory Table if you are lucky enough
to have one of these)
3. Sorting objects into Ice cube trays or Empty egg cartons etc.

    (Our latest activity is sorting ping pong balls or pom poms into an empty
    chinese dumpling tray...lots of chinese goodies come packaged in
    small compartmental trays...I save these.)
  4. Pouring activities between little pitchers using liquid, rice,sand etc.  I purchased these child sized glass      pitchers and tray.
5. Counting/transferring small potatoes, apples or any other hard fruit or vegetables. (Break open a bag of small red potatoes and get out several medium- sized bowls or baskets.) This is a favorite activity of my grandson.


  1. I love the patatoes sorting activities. I usualy gave my 1,5 year old son a mix of patatoes onions and carrots - He loves to do it. Thank you for sharing these. By the way I love your new site image. Love. Ewa

  2. I hadn't thought of mixed hard veggies to
    sort out. That's a great idea. The next
    logical step after transferring pototoes...
    I was amazing at how long my grandson went
    back and forth with potatoes. He wanted to
    do the whole bag, so I kept bringing out
    more containers. A few potatoes made it to
    the living room and were found in
    creative places, but hey, he's a toddler,

  3. Yes, sometimes the toddlers can be very creative. I know something about the treasures found in totally inexpected places ;-)

  4. Love the potato sorting too! Great idea from Ewa too!