Sunday, March 6, 2011

Totally Toddler

Hope you enjoy the video of the new materials at Young
Minds at Play. I am getting my order of new
excited to try them out! The latest is the toddler

cylinder block. ( Here is a picture.) I am also thrilled
to see the constructive geometric triangles and inset board completed.

Jeff has put alot of thought into
his materials...of course I've raved about the quality
before...nicer than any of the usual Montessori toddler
materials. Here is my grandson using some of
his materials: (pix are from my phone so they
are grainy, but you can see him in action!)
The beads in the background I painted to match the
colors of the Montessori bead bars. If you are handy,
it involves some dowels, big beads, a board, some wood
glue and non-toxic spray paint.

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