Thursday, July 7, 2011

Test Tube Division

Hi All,
 We've been busy working with a material in training that I have been
curious about how to use for some is known as Test Tube
Division or Racks and Tubes. Here are some links to how to do the
lessons: (Gonzagareddi is much more expensive, but you can
take a look here at the materials and Albanesi support materials)
Here is their blurb:
This material is used for both short and long division, with dividends up to the millions and divisors of 1 to 4 digits. The complete set of material consists of a) seven wooden racks (3 white for simple units, 3 grey for thousands, 1 black for millions) each containing ten glass tubes, each of which holds exactly ten beads; b) 700 hundred beads in green, blue or red, for the glass tubes; c) seven cups in white, grey or black on the outside and with the appropriate hierarchical color on the inside; d) four wooden division boards, hierarchically color-coded; e) four sets of wooden skittles in hierarchical colors, 36 in all, in a wooden box; f) a wooden tray for holding the material and a wooden box for storing the material. The printed notes of this Montessori presentation from our CME Teacher Preparation Course are available for purchase from this webpage. Please search for: Long Division Game


  1. Where can you find the materials in the second picture? I love the drawer and box.

  2. Pruefl Montessori out of Austria and Germany has this set!

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