Friday, July 15, 2011

Giant Geometry

...the NOMENCLATURE, that is! Wow what a huge set of cards
and concepts. I am debating which company to order all my
geometry nomenclature from, now that I've had the training...
here are the options:
(scroll down...lots of free goodies here as well, highlighted in red)
A Montessori Blogger explains (Montessori Spanish):
Here's another Blurb about the Geometry Cirriculum:
Geometry in Montessori follows the historical development of the subject which began as a concrete experience with abstractions following at a later time, as with the Egyptian pyramids. Each child follows the same sequence, first by exploring the concrete materials and later moving on to abstract formulae and principles. Both plane and solid geometry are explored through sensorial experience. The geometry nomenclature material provides the child vocabulary with which they can further classify their world.
A great Printable Free Scope and sequence for each lesson for 
the Montessori Geometry!

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