Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lovely Language Insets for Design

I think the language insets were one of my first and favorite
pieces of equipment. They have many uses other
than just tracing the basic shapes.  The connection
to the geometric cabinet and solids is the most
apparent. Montessori was congruent in her
approach, wasn't she? I have seen  pink or red and
blue,yellow and blue,yellow and green or
yellow and purple sets depending on the vendor.
Pink and blue is the most common set seen in North America.
Language insets come in other materials than just metal
which can be heavy and have pointy-pokey edges. While I do
own the metal ones, I also have a couple of sets of the
plastic ones made by Invicta out of England.
A plastic set is available at:
An Acrylic set is available here:

A nifty inset stand is available here:
or here:

Patterns for making your own from whatever
material you like are here:
(foam,colored tag board,mat board, balsa wood, polymer clay etc
are some choices).
Ideas for lessons and extensions for the insets are here:


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