Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Groovey Little Japanese Objects

I've been on the hunt for small
objects to use for language.
I found these cute magnets which
along with a cookie sheet and some
magnetic letters would make a great
word building set. (For younger children
larger kitchen magnets would work better...
these japanese magnet sets are teeny-tiny and not for
the infant-toddler  level.)

Objects are available here:

Letters are available here:
(these are great for montessori word building because the
colors are correct)

Cookie sheet is available here:

Magnetic Board (an alternate to
a cookie sheet) is available here:

The Manufacturers warning:

WARNING: This product contains (a) small magnet(s). Swallowed magnets can stick together across intestines causing serious infections and death. Seek immediate medical attention if magnet(s) are swallowed or inhaled.

[Yes, we know it's silly to have to say this, but Federal law requires us to tell you that this magnetic product contains a magnet. Believe it or not, our government actually thinks that you are not capable of realizing that a magnetic item contains a magnet. No, we can't believe it either. But seriously, keep these and all magnetic items out of the mouths of children!]

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