Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mini Montessori

Hi Everyone,
Have you come across this small size Montessori
equipment? If you are crunched for space or just
want to have Montessori to go, this is the equipment
for you! I have seen the version with manuals and
in a suitcase.  Both Adena and Alison's sell the suitcase...
Here are the contents:
The suitcase includes the following items: Knobbed Cylinders (4 pieces) Pink Tower Brown Stairs Constructive Triangles (5 boxes) Hundreds Board Stamp Game Spindle Box Color Box Mystery Bag Binomial Cube Number Rods Counters and Numbers Intro to the Decimal System Snake Game Addition Strip Board Subtraction Strip Board Multiplication Board Division Board Fraction Skittles Sandpaper Strokes

A good review of this material is here:

Check out these desk size
red and blue math rods ( or red and natural wood)
from Hello Wood:

Lisheen Montessori sells these small sets of Leaf Insets,
Continent Maps, and Geometry Cabinets.  Just the right size
for a desk top or smaller shelves. 

These small tiles for word building (pink, blue and green)
are great on a smaller table. The tiny objects are available from
the same company: Primary Concepts (one of my favorite many great things here!)

I really like these smaller sized Zoology and Botany Puzzles from
Dr. Ed out of Thailand. (Alison's Montessori stocks these)

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