Thursday, March 4, 2010

Big Binomial Blocks

Hi all,
 Has anyone seen these huge Montessori binomial/trinomial
cubes in your training? I came across them from a german training
program. They could be d.i.y. project with  craft wood or card board
and painted.  I thought they'd be a great intro for toddlers.
I also saw a larger than usual homemade set at
I love all of Montessori's of these days
I'll own all the powers of the binomial! So beautiful.
I will post up the pictures just to enjoy along with a
link list of resources.,337772374
(the album is available for purchase)


  1. Thank you so much for these links. They're so useful!!

  2. Hi Butterfly!
    Thanks for the support! I tried to leave
    you a comment on the Continent post.
    I'm not sure it came up. It is a great
    activity, btw. Do you put down both
    the card and animals at the same time
    or are these separate activities?

  3. Didn't came up. I'm glad you like my activity! First I made cards and map (for one of my Montessori final exam practical activity) and when "my" kindergarten opened Montessori group I bought plastic animals.