Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pleasing Practial Life

Appealing (pun intended) and child friendly
Practical Life tools to enjoy!
(Most of these Items are from Joie co.)
Mr. Potato Peeler

Egg Smasher

Airplane Spatula

Flower Spatula

Strawberry Huller, Slicer and Bowl

Little Syrup Pitcher

Little Red Tea

Snowballer Or Round Tongs

Egg Turner

Penguin Ice Cream Scoop

Salt Pig (Great for Spooning etc.)

Mr. Potato Masher

Pizza Cutter (Good for Clay too)

Little Piggie Pan
Sheep Scrubber Holder (or holder for anything)

Sushi Plate (great transfer item)

Ice Cream Bowls (good for spooning and transfer)

Cute Honey Pot
Piggie Scraper


  1. love the lamb = ) my son got geeked over some fruity soap dispensers at the dollar store today. lemons, oranges, limes, etc. he was like "look mom! look!" they were on the bottom shelf, and I might have missed them if he hadn't been crawling around. it's the little things that makes life fun = ) thanks for posting!

  2. I love to collect whimsical practical
    life materials. Thanks for your