Friday, November 26, 2010

Banger Bongers

My kids classified all instruments in the big box
of instruments as "Banger Bongers" You can start adding to
your collection today. I have quite a box collected
and the kids as well as the grandkids love it now.
They just enjoy exploring  and banging  along with
recorded music or singing. Check out these suppliers.
(don't forget to click "next" at the bottom of the page to
see all the selections available.)
Egg Shakers

Color Hand Bells

Fishy Clackers

Color Xyllophone (The original "Banger Bonger")

Doggy Clacker (Castanets)

Little Wood Drum

Fun Drums

Bumble Bee Maracas

Grasshopper Giro

Fruit Shakers

Froggie Jingle Bells

Duo Frog Shakers

Koala Clacker

Penguin Tambourine

Whale Clacker

Monkey Jingle Bells

Walrus Tambourine

The perfect book to introduce rhythm instruments to young children. The activities bring music into the classroom and offer ways for children to participate in the music experience, using rhythm sticks, sand blocks, bells, shakers, and more! Children make the sound of the ocean waves using shakers, pretend to be a train using sand blocks, create a rainstorm with rhythm sticks and perform circus tricks with jingle bells. Plus, they learn to play the instruments along with their favorite songs. 101 Rhythm Instrument Activities is perfect for parents, early childhood teachers and music teachers who work with toddlers through age six.

Abigail Flesch Connors is an early-childhood music specialist. Her programs include singing, dance, rhythm instrument activities, literacy/music activities and listening games.

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