Sunday, September 23, 2012

Storage Links

I have received requests for links on the "Sensible Storage" post
so here they are:
Community Play Things
(also check out their numerous other offerings, many
of them specifically "Montessori" designed)
Hello Wood
(bead racks are under math/beads, and storage
under furniture, chart storage is under geography/maps)
Montessori N Such
(for the cubbies and also do a search for "trays")
Hana Montessori
(click on Language etc...this company is
quite innovative in their designs!)
(for segmented presentation pink, green and blue reading and grammar boxes
and now individual colored boxes of most colors)

E & O Montessori
(pink, blue and green reading materials boxes)

Young Minds at Play
(Three part card Tray)

(Grammar Storage for Cards and Reading Towers)

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