Thursday, May 19, 2011

Living Life Cycles

Life Cycle Update: Check out these new life cycle materials at Montessori N Such

and at Waseca

Here are a few more life cycle things from

My parent's recent health challenges have got me
thinking about the seasons and cycles of life.
It is important to bring children into the understanding
of life, maturing, aging and death. Here are some
great life cycle resources from Montessori suppliers:
Human Life Cycle Puzzle

Bean Life Cycle Puzzles

Life Cycle strip Puzzles
(Melissa and Doug)

Plastic Ladybug Life Cycle Models

Butterfly Life Cycle Cards from Montessori Print Shop

Frog Puzzle

Apple Life Cycle Chart and Cards

Butterfly Life Cycle Puzzle

Life Cycle of the Pumpkins Cards
Human Embryo

Chicken Embryo Chart

Frog Life Cycle Stamping Set

Life Cycle Booklets from Enchanted Learning


  1. Great resources:-)

    Thank you for sharing these ;-)

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  3. Hope your children enjoyed our apple and butterfly life cycle materials! Thank you for including us in your lessons.