Monday, April 18, 2011

Back from Michigan!

Wow is Michigan beautiful. I had a nice visit with my daughter
and grandkids. I got to visit their Montessori school twice and
tour three primary classrooms. The school is great...well
staffed and equipped. There is the spirit of Montessori
logodwelling there. The staff seems well prepared and
qualified to teach. It is interesting seeing a large
school operating from the primary through the
middle school levels.

Today I put together a button box for my little grandson.
I've been collecting large, larger and HUGE buttons for
a couple of years now. I found the perfect box for
the buttons...a used Huggies wipes box with the
soft opening in the top. He's enjoying putting in the
buttons over and over.  For this activity you need
a tray, a bowl for the buttons and the wipes box.
(I did have to show him how to open the box after
he put all the buttons inside.) Make sure the
buttons are really big so that they cannot
be choked on!
Super sized buttons can be found here:
Box can be found here:
(of course you'll need to remove the wipes)
Tray can be found here:

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