Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Batty Batty Batty... Bat Bat Bat...

Bat-Shape Chair Decorations for Halloween

Perch these poster-board bats on the tops of chairs to cast an eerie spell on your Halloween table.

What You'll Need

Graph paper

Tracing pencil and scissors

Poster board: black and purple

Scrap of orange glassine (a thin, translucent paper)

Two black chenille stems

1/4-inch hole punch

Spray adhesive

Paper scorer or ruler

Hot-glue gun and hotmelt adhesive

Download the bat pattern


  1. Thanks for sharing the enchanted learning link! Was not aware of it! Kerri

  2. You're welcome. I really do love that site.
    Enchanted Learning and Livable Learning are
    my favorite sites for great printable materials.
    There are lots of freebees, but with a donation
    on both sites, you have alot more access...
    worth it IMHO.