Thursday, April 29, 2010

Terrific Toddler Finds!

Hi all,
I am back after the passing of my mother in law.
It was a nice time to see family and say our good-byes.
She loved her children and grandchildren.

I've been working on the toddler shelves, so
here are some great finds!

  • Infant-Toddler Cylinders (Hello Wood)
  • Infant-Toddler Dressing Frames (Kaybee)
  • Toddler Book Display Shelves (Lakeshore)
  • Toddler Puzzle (Hellowood)
  • Toddler Color Stacker ( Bajo)

  • Lacing Kitty (Tag Toys)


  1. Kathy, Sorry to hear about your loss. I really like your toddler ideas you found, the lacer and
    the cylinders are my favorites. Im going to have to figure how to make something like these. I enjoy your blog so much.

  2. Hi, congratulations for you blog.
    Thank you! this material is amazing. I work in Italy, Milàn whit toddlers, we dont have this material :O
    Ciao Ciao