Thursday, January 20, 2011

UPDATE! Beautiful Badges and Buttons

Calling all Montessori badges and buttons...
if you have a badge or button you'd like
to share on this blog, I'd be happy to post
it on the side bar. Please send
your html script in the comments.
(Update...just put your blog address in
the comments and I will upload your
html script from your site!)


  1. The comments section, unfortunately, does not accept the code. If you prefer, you can find my button on the sidebar of my blog.

  2. Hi,
    I figured out a way to copy your code.
    (It wouldn't let me right click and copy,
    so I copied by highlighting and then
    copy at the top of the browser, then
    pasted into NotePad, then into my blog
    designer.) So here it is on the side bar!

  3. Wow what a nice surprise that you added my button to your blog already! thanks so much:)