Thursday, May 20, 2010

Montessori Print, Cut and Paste Equipment

These would be a good start to a beginning Montessori,
for the home or to follow up after using the Montessori
hard versions.

You could print these files on colored paper and
spray with an acrylic finish to
make them last longer. Or you
can laminate the paper on one
side first and then fold them and


Paper Geo Solids
(for every solid you can think of plus
some you haven't though of...)

Blue Geo Solids
Click on the left side bar menu
on "Mathematik" and then
"geom keorper" click on
"netze und flächen zum ausdrucken"
pdf file.
Pink Tower, Brown Stairs
click on the left side bar menu
on "Mathematik" and then
"r. turm - br. treppe" for the
pink tower and brown stairs
(these are the real deal
to fold and cut in the actual correct dimensions)

Red and green Fraction Insets (usually metal or wood)
"kreise-dreiecke-quadrate" for the Red fraction circles
"quadrate und dreiecke" for the Red fraction squares

Multiplication Board

Arrows for Bead Chains
(I printed all these up for use with my own bead cabinet and put
them in clear little boxes from the craft store...)

Geometry Cabinet
...and the cards to go with the insets:

Geometry Boxes (Constructive Triangles)
(I used the first pages to make control/command cards
for these triangles)
and the boxes to put them in:
Blue Triangles

Language Insets (b&w)
(Just cut these out of blue and pink construction paper
and laminate~ or use light weight foam sheets.)

Detective Adjective Game
and controls:


Sandpaper Numerals

A Great Illustration of knobbed cylinders: (while not a
fold and cut, this would make a nice control card if printed)

Knobless cylinder control cards

BC AD Timeline

The following are from the Canon
paper craft site. Click the site map
for a full listing. There is so much there!

Animals and Insects



(This link is not working so just go to
the main page here: and then to the left side bar and click



  1. Thank you for all the links, there were a couple in there I didn't know about :)

  2. You are WELCOME! I was looking mostly for
    freebee versions of Montessori Equipment
    that could be folded and glued. Do
    you know of any others?

  3. Great list of resources, Kathy! Thank you!
    You will find a few more freebies here: